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Although the first three books in the Creekwood series are standalones, reading them in order helps enhance the experience.

Creekwood Series Order:

1. Detour

2. Changing Lanes

3. Blind Spot

4. Roundabout

Welcome to Creekwood…


Head down, eyes peeled for any opportunity to get off the dead-end course my mother carelessly paved for me years ago.

My plan takes a sharp turn landing me directly across the hall from Creekwood’s resident bad boys. The three streetbike riding misfits are as stubborn as they are sexy. And they. Are. Sexy. Especially the one with the mocha swirl eyes watching my every move.

But even the six-foot hallway separating us can’t keep the overbearing trio from constantly getting in my way.

When my past threatens to catch up with me, I quickly learn not every detour promises an easier route, no matter how tempting my new neighbors might make it look.  


Head up, eyes locked on anything threatening to throw me off the carefully constructed path I have mapped out.

I live my life the same way I ride my bike, never once regretting the roads I’ve chosen.

Lately though, after years of the same scenery, everything’s starting to blur together. It’s only when our elusive neighbor girl comes out of nowhere that I realize what’s been missing.

And now that I have, I don’t think I can let her pass by so quickly. At least not without proving the lengths I’ll go for her first.

*CONTENT WARNING: Detour is a 112k-word new adult neighbors-to-lovers romance. Although this book is a standalone, it is also book one of the Creekwood Series. Contains foul language and sexual situations intended for audiences 18+. Verbal and physical abuse at the hands of a parent is present along with sexual harassment by a superior.

The first book in the highly addictive Creekwood Series, Detour can be read as a complete standalone.

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This is Creekwood…


My home. A place to shine just bright enough. Where my makeshift family and I not only strengthened our bond but readjusted it to fit another. 

I’ve been coasting in this lane for years, biding my time, and making myself…easily accessible. I don’t move for others—ever. I don’t have to. They go around me, hopefully without chancing too good a look on their way past.

After all, people can’t see what you keep hidden.

Until she showed up.


My new apartment. Somewhere for me to lay my head between chasing what really matters. Who really matters.

I’ve brought enough baggage to fill every inch of this place but I’m not the only one. Someone else’s closet has skeletons too. Skeletons that only come out at night, when nobody’s watching. Nobody but me.

And my new roommate, the one with the arctic blue eyes that see more than he lets on, thinks him suddenly being in my path is all fun and games, but I’m not the one afraid of changing lanes and when I do, he’ll be the one working to keep up.

If he even can.

*CONTENT WARNING: Changing Lanes is a 110k-word new adult enemies-to-lovers romance novel. Although this book is a standalone, it is also book two of the Creekwood Series. Contains foul language and sexual situations intended for audiences 18+. Childhood trauma along with themes of memory loss and self-harm are present.

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Goodbye, Creekwood?

The pull to leave Creekwood and join my best friends continues to grow stronger with each day but the thread holding me here is tight, too…maybe tighter.  

When my past finally collides with my present, revealing a blind spot I never knew I had, it only makes my choice that much harder.

I thought I could add to my perfectly calculated life without upsetting the outcome. I thought I could protect the people I love most.

I was wrong. So wrong.

And now, somebody’s gotta pay.

With everything I’ve ever cared about on the line—including her—I can’t afford to lose.

*CONTENT WARNING: Blind Spot is a 119k-word secret relationship romance. Although this book is a standalone, it is also the third and final book of the Creekwood Series. Contains foul language and sexual situations intended for audiences 18+ along with themes of domestic abuse.

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Read the Creekwood conclusion you didn’t know you needed in Roundabout, a surprise wedding novella featuring Detour’s couple, Coty and Angela.

We’re not in Creekwood anymore…

Ten years ago I moved in next to three of the hottest bikers, nosiest neighbors, and best friends a girl could ask for.

Now, a decade later, Coty Walsh, Beckett Meyers, and Marc Vega are my family. And while the landscape around us may have changed, make no mistake, we’re all still up to our same old tricks. Some of us more than others.

Days before I’m finally about to marry Coty, an unexpected opportunity opens up on the roundabout I’ve been stuck circling, giving me a glimpse of another happily ever after, one that could jeopardize ours. 

Last time I chose a path that led me away from Coty, he waited for me.

This time…I’m not sure he will.   

Round and round I go, back to the beginning we know.

*CONTENT WARNING: Roundabout is a 31k-word novella in the Creekwood series that centers around Detour’s couple, Coty and Angela. It takes place six years after the epilogue in the third book, Blind Spot, and features the rest of the crew as well. It’s recommended you read the trilogy—Detour, Changing Lanes, and Blind Spot—before starting Roundabout to avoid spoilers. Contains foul language, mild violence, and sexual situations intended for audiences 18+. Fostering and adoption are present as well as drug use and child abuse.

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