Some highs hit harder than others. And she…she hit hardest of all.

The Comedown, a reverse age gap rockstar romance featuring a bad-boy rapper and a not-so-good-girl popstar, is now LIVE and available to read on Amazon. Free for KU readers. To explore more about The Comedown including the full list of content warnings as well as inspiration board and playlist, go *HERE*.


Listen, I don’t want to just sell you another book you may or may not like.
The worlds and characters I spend so much time developing, they don’t feel like another product prepped for mass consumption, they feel like home. And I want that to translate to readers—to you, specifically.
I want to provide you with an experience. One with a music playlist to enhance that story’s atmosphere along with a vision board dedicated to the overall storyline. I want to offer bonus scenes that give a little more life to fictional characters with a knack for leaving us unapologetically gluttonous.
You can find all that here.
So, whether you know me from my bookmark business or you’re just joining me on my new journey to make my mark as a romance author, welcome! I’m so happy you’re here.
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